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Ezinqoleni Film Superstar

Mr Senzo Zindela was born here at Ezinqoleni Municipality, ward 4 under Kwa-Mthimude Tribal Authority. Senzo has been in the film industry for few years and produce some wonderful films. His first film was launched here at Eznqoleni and role players are mainly local people. He has since successfully produced two films. He has done all this with no formal training or experience in the industry. However, his work is not yielding any meaning financial returns so far.

The main problem was the equipment he was using being of poor quality and therefore potential companies that could be buying his movies not interested. In his endeavour to deal with this dilemma, then he met a potential international partner, founder of a film company in the United States of America and Chief Executive Officer of Hertzock Entertainment and BRB Network Mr Brian Hertzock, during a Kwa-Zulu Natal Film Festival held at Kwa-Mashu, Durban towards end of 2010. They have talked about current movie he has written a script on and Mr Hertzock is interested in collaborating with him on the project. To discuss further details on the partnership, Mr Hertzock has invited Mr Senzo Zindela to meet him and his partners in the US preferably in January 2011. On the 19 December 2010 Mr Zindela presented his story the municipality and the municipality took an initiative of sponsoring his trip to USA and paid R19669.50. On the 26 January 2011 arrived at USA and Mr Brian Hertzock who is the owner of big film companies in Hollywood. It is the responsibility for the municipality to ensure that potential talent is identified within the community and gets an exposure in corporate world.

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