Municipal Governance

Ezinqoleni Municipality (KZ 215) is one of the six local municipalities that form part of the Ugu District (DC 21). This municipality is located on the south-western boundary of the Ugu District, adjacent to the west of the Hibiscus Coast Municipality and east of the uMuziwabantu Municipality. The Ezinqoleni Municipal offices are situated within the Ezinqoleni settlement that is located some 40 kilometres west from Port Shepstone along the N2 national highway. The Ezinqoleni Municipal area is 649 square kilometres (64 900 hectares) in extent with the major land uses in the area being tribal settlements, smallholdings and commercial farming. The Ezinqoleni Municipality is the smallest municipality in the district and account for approximately 14% of the Ugu District area. Approximately 35% of the municipality's total area can be classified as residential or smallholding areas while the remaining 65% of the land is dedicated to agriculture / conservation and other non-residential land uses.

The Ezinqoleni Municipality constitutes a Category B municipality as determined by the Demarcations Board, falling within the ambit of a collective executive system municipality as described in the KwaZulu-Natal Determination of Types of Municipality Act, 2000. The Ezinqoleni Municipality consists of 5 wards with 9 councillors (i.e. 5 ward Councillors and 4 proportional representative Councillors).

The population within the Ezinqoleni Municipal boundary is approximately 57 520 according to information obtained from Quantec 2009. Quantec further confirmed an estimated average population growth rate of 0.9% a year with the average household consisting of eight people.

The institutional and spatial make up of Ezinqoleni Municipality is fundamentally informed by three traditional authority areas, namely:
> KwaNyuswa,
> KwaMthimude and
> KwaVukuzithathe

These constitute approximately 304 km2 (30 400 hectares) or 47% of the Ezinqoleni Municipal area. In terms of land ownership within the Ezinqoleni Municipal area, the state own approximately 80 km2 (8 000 hectares) 12% of the land, while 265 km2 (26 500 hectares) 41% of the land within the Ezinqoleni Municipal area can be classified as privately owned.
Lastly, Ezinqoleni Municipality has recently gained 1 additional ward for 2011 elections, ward 6.