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By 2020 Ezinqoleni shall be a vibrant land of productivity, employment and wealth. Its people shall be well trained and able to compete internationally. There will be green pastures, a vibrant town centre run by efficient business people and the youth with manufacturing, recreation, competitive business and thriving tourism. The health of the community including the scourge of HIV/AIDS will be properly addressed in the LED process.

As a developmental approach, Local Economic Development is one of the key features of our contemporary era. Local Economic Development is based on the central idea that local mobilization of actors and resources, building a convergence of interest around the competitive advantages of localities and building the capacity for economic actors to take up economic opportunities which may arrest the damaging effects.

In a world characterized by constant change, the overlapping forces of globalization, decentralization and democratization have led to the situation in which local decision makers and citizens have gained an increasing say over economic and social development in the localities in which they live.

Local Economic Development (LED) occurs when communities, government and the business sector, usually acting in partnership, start to engage in activities to improve local social economic conditions.

In response to the increasing need to alleviate poverty and improve the social-economic conditions of the municipality, Ezinqoleni Municipality is in the process of reviewing LED strategy to guide the municipality on LED activities within the area. The reviewed strategy will inform LED practitioners, investors and other key relevant community organizations. The Municipality’s aim is to promote local economic development to its full potential at the same time reflecting other government programmes for alleviation of poverty and building a stronger economy within the municipality.

The Ezinqoleni LED initiatives through its reviewed LED strategy take cognizance of the international and local policy framework focusing on the following:
> Sustainability
> Addressing poverty
> Economic Development
> Gender equity
> Capacity building with special attention to vulnerable groups
> Partnership formation
> Commitment to NEPAD
> The core agenda 21 targets