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The Ezinqoleni Local Municipality’s Annual Report has been developed according to the provisions of Section 121 of the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), 56 of 2003 and Section 46 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (MSA), 32 of 2000.

According to the National Treasury guidelines for the preparation of the Annual Report, the report should comprise five chapters to reflect the key activities undertaken within the organisation during the year under review. A brief summation of what is contained in each chapter is outlined below.

Chapter 1: This chapter contains the geographic location of the Municipality as well as the population dynamics of the Local Municipality. Key to this chapter is the consultative processes that the Municipality embarked on, which led to the creation of our IDP document. The chapter touches on issues of governance and how the Council is constituted.

Chapter 2: This chapter reports and highlights some of the key achievements and challenges of the organisation during the year under review. Though the Municipality had faced a number of challenges, but it continued to excel in service delivery as would be reflected in the report itself.

Chapter 3: This chapter reports on the programmes designed by the Municipality to improve employment equity and skills development. It also highlights Human Resource Management Policies and Practices that have been carried out to build staff capacity. To ensure transparency, issues of remuneration of Senior Management have also been covered.

Chapter 4: Also key in this chapter is the fact that we have maintained our timely submission of the Annual Financial Statements to the Auditor-General for auditing. In doing so, we have again received an unqualified Audit Report for the year ended 30 June 2009.

Chapter 5: This chapter reports on the progress on service delivery and development for the year under review. The format used in reporting is in line with the National Treasury guidelines. Performance progress is reported according to the five National KPAs and also highlights the challenges experienced as well as progress made in addressing those challenges. The increased compliance level is reflected by the timely preparation and approval of the IDP, Budget, SDBIP, PMS, Performance Contracts, Work-Place Skills Plan and the Annual Financial Statements.


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