There is also Technical and Community Services Portfolio Committee that plays political oversight role to the functions of the Department. It consists of four Councillors and seats once in a month and is chaired by its Chairperson who is a Councillor, namely, Cllr T M Cele.





The main function of Government in all spheres is to deliver services to the people. In local government, Technical Department is the one that is tasked mainly with this function. This Department is responsible for the implementation of all infrastructure projects that are delivered to the community, e.g. road construction, water connection, building of community structures like halls, crèches etc and construction of sports facilities, waste management and most importantly provision of houses to local communities.

This makes it the most important Department in local government because it is tasked to address the expectations of communities directly and once it lacks in its mandate, the beneficiaries lose confidence to the entire Municipality and its leadership.

Other function of this Department is to ensure that whenever a certain project is implemented, legal stipulated guidelines are followed by all the stakeholders, e.g. the principles of Extended Public Works Programmes (EPWP) are complied with, regulated working hours and safety of workers are not compromised for bigger profits.


The following roles and functions reside under this department:


> projects funded by sector departments:

> MIG projects

> housing projects

> free basic electricity

> projects funded by Ugu District Municipality

> Ezinqoleni waste management project

> projects funded by Ezinqoleni municipality

> water connection to the elderly

> free basic energy

> maintenance of municipal access roads

> maintenance of community facilities


The Department it is manned by 9 individuals:
> Director: Technical and Community Services.
> Community Development Officer and one Technical Assistant.
> Admin Assistant and official seconded to the Municipality by DBSA.
> Tractor and grader drivers and their assistants.


Some of this Department`s officials play the role of social consultation in other projects.