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The Budget and Treasury Office is headed by the Chief Finance Officer (CFO). This office has four permanent employees (including the CFO) and five Finance Management Interns.






The function of the financial services is to ensure effective financial management within the Municipality, which encompasses and underscores the following fundamental functions and responsibilities -


Chief Finance Officer:
> Financial planning
> Preparation of budget
> Development of financial statements
> Implementation of SDBIP and PMS
> Implementation of the MPRA
> Personnel development
> Ensuring that public spending is done legislatively and cost effectively


Finance Officer:
> Monthly and quarterly reports to provincial and national departments
> Implementation of the Supply Chain Management Policy
> Management of grants and other revenue that the municipality receives throughout a financial year
> Management of income and expenditure
> Budget control


Salaries Clerk:
> Payment of staff salaries



Draft budget 2013-2014 [Download]

Final Annual Budget 2013-2014 [Download]

Ezinqoleni 2013-2014 mid-year review BTO [Download]

Ezinqoleni 2013-2014 mid-year review Corporate [Download]

Ezinqoleni 2013-2014 mid-year review IDP and LED [Download]

Ezinqoleni 2013-2014 mid-year review Technical [Download]

Ezinqoleni 2013-2014 mid-year review Youth and Communications[Download]

Ezinqoleni Adjustment budget 2013-2014 [Download]

Ezinqoleni mid-year Budget and performance Assessment 2014 [Download]

Ezinqoleni Final Budget 2014 [Download]

Conditional Grants Transferred-Dec 2013 [Download]

Conditional Grants Transferred-March 2014 [Download]

Investment Monitoring [Download]

Cash Receipts and Payments [Download]

Cash Receipts and Payments-Part3 [Download]

Ezinqoleni Section 71 Quarter 4 signed reports [Download]

Operating Revenue and Expenditure [Download]

Operating Revenue and Expenditure-Part1 [Download]

Ezinqoleni  2014-15 Mid-year review template [Download]

Ezinqoleni Adjustments Budget 2014-15 [Download]

Adjustment Resolution 2014-15 [Download]

Mid-year budget and performance assessment [Download]

Municipal adjustments and budgets supporting tables [Download]

Ezinqoleni Draft Budget 2015-2016 [Download]

Ezinqoleni Final Budget 2015-2016 [Download]

Ezinqoleni Quarterly Figures 2015 (Quarter 1) [Download] 

Ezinqoleni 15 Mid-Year and Performance Assessment 2016 [Download] 

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Ezinqoleni Final Budget 2016-2017 [Download]