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Youth Development is a process or journey that automatically involves all of the people around a youth—family and community. A young person will not be able to build essential skills and competencies and be able to feel safe; cared for, valued, useful, and spiritually grounded unless their family and community provide them with the supports and opportunities they need along the way.

The municipality is working towards positive results in the lives of youth by focusing on different aspects of life rather than concentrating only on academic skills and competencies. The expected outcomes of youth development programmes are: Physical well-being, mental well-being, Intellectual health, Employability and Civic and Social Investment. Ezinqoleni Municipality therefore engaged on numerous programmes in order to achieve their goal. Below listed are highlights of the projects implemented during 10/11 financial year.

Mr Senzo Zindela was born here at Ezinqoleni Municipality, ward 4 under Kwa-Mthimude Tribal Authority. Senzo has been in the film industry for few years and produce some wonderful films. His first film was launched here at Eznqoleni and role players are mainly local people. He has since successfully produced two films. He has done all this with no formal training or experience in the industry. However, his work is not yielding any meaning financial returns so far.

The main problem was the equipment he was using being of poor quality and therefore potential companies that could be buying his movies not interested. In his endeavour to deal with this dilemma, then he met a potential international partner, founder of a film company in the United States of America and Chief Executive Officer of Hertzock Entertainment and BRB Network Mr Brian Hertzock, during a Kwa-Zulu Natal Film Festival held at Kwa-Mashu, Durban towards end of 2010. They have talked about current movie he has written a script on and Mr Hertzock is interested in collaborating with him on the project. To discuss further details on the partnership, Mr Hertzock has invited Mr Senzo Zindela to meet him and his partners in the US preferably in January 2011. On the 19 December 2010 Mr Zindela presented his story the municipality and the municipality took an initiative of sponsoring his trip to USA and paid R19669.50. On the 26 January 2011 arrived at USA and Mr Brian Hertzock who is the owner of big film companies in Hollywood. It is the responsibility for the municipality to ensure that potential talent is identified within the community and gets an exposure in corporate world.


The municipality runs a well resourced youth advisory centre, with two informediaries; Career guidance Advisor and Outreach Officer under the Supervision of the Youth and Special Programmes Manager. The centre serves as a resource centre and has two computers (with internet) provided for use by walk-ins.

The aim of this programme was to capacitate the youth with leadership and life skills and 150 youth from all wards have graduated from this programme which is offered by World Changers Academy. The training is run for a month and it has an after-care support programme for its graduates. Herein is a attended life skills training at Kwa-Nyuswa ward 1 (Mhlabunzima Community Hall)

Young people are faced with a number of challenges that affect their wellbeing which include amongst others, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, rape, crime, violence, unsafe sex, abortion, HIV/AIDS, TB and emotional abuse.
The municipality hosted a workshop, targeting 100 youth, in and out of school on 30 November 2010. All Ezinqoleni High Schools participated in the workshop. The workshop objectives were to expose young people to relevant information regarding Anti-Substance Abuse and Anti Drug Abuse programmes and provide a platform for an intense interaction between experts in the field of Anti Substance Abuse and Anti Drug Abuse and youth people within Ezinqoleni. The Department of Social Development, SAPS, SANCA, Education and patients from Stholimpilo Rehabilitation Centre participated and shared their experiences as regards to drug abuse.

In promoting education and improving literacy levels and skills development, the Mayor granted financial assistance to 93 needy matriculates from all wards. R250 000.00 was expended to pay registration fees on behalf of the matriculates to pursue their studies at Universities, University of Technology’s and FET’s. On the 04 February 2011 Ezinqoleni Municipality hosted Grade 12 Achievement Awards for learners and well performing school under Ezinqoleni ward under the Ward Manager Mr W.N Mzotho. First FIVE learners were awarded by R2000-00 and Certificate each and school awarded by certificate recognition.
Mandela Day 67 minutes Celebration

In celebration of the Nelson Mandela’s Birthday, Minister of Intelligent Dr Siyabonga Cwele from National Parliament, Mrs Lanett Zwane from KZN Legislature, Councillors of Ezinqoleni Municipality and members of the community participated in the 67 minutes community programme at the Enqabeni Old Age Home doing cleaning and paining the whole building in 18 July 2010. This was viewed as a social responsibility programme for Politicians, youth and members of the community also served to enhance moral regeneration.

August is a woman’s month in each and every the office of special programme invite school girls to join the municipal staff for one day and have an exposure of the working environment. Girls that participated were from Mshweshwe High, Ezinqoleni High and Gabangezwe High School, Snomusa High, Qhinqa High taken with Ms B.P Sikhosana Acting Manager: Youth and Special Programmes facilitating.


To effectively address the cross-cutting challenges facing the special groups, focus should be placed on the enhancement of government capacity and collaboration between three spheres of government, the promotion of the role of civil society and community participation, the improvement of data quality for better life for all.

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