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Tourism is a growing economic sector internationally, nationally and provincially. With the comparative advantage that the Ezinqoleni municipality has in terms of tourism products and potential tourism products, it is important that strategic plans are in place to manage market and develop tourism in Ezinqoleni municipality to better capture this growing domestic and international market. Furthermore, tourism has the extensive potential to create employment, reduce poverty, and contribute to an area’s economic growth.

A key reason for a focus on tourism development is that it results in wide ranging economic development for a given area and on a national scale. It is estimated that tourism contributes 10.1% of the global GDP. In South Africa, it is estimated to contribute to 7.3% of the GDP. On a provincial level and contributes approximately 10% to the economy. Increased visitors result in increased income for a given area, which will assist in economic development of the area and the reduction of poverty levels. Importantly, tourism development in a given area will result in greater income to the local government, through which they will be able to better fill their mandates of service provision to across the area under their control. Finally, it must be noted that increased income in the area will result in overall stimulation of the economy, due to the increased ability of households to spend in that local economy.

Tourism is the main economic activity in the district, heavily concentrated in the coastal strip. Of the major economic sectors, agriculture is decreasing, community services increasing, while finance and transport is increasing in Ugu, both trade and manufacturing has decreased from 1996 to 2002.

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